Via Ferrata

You like trails but you want something more difficult, you like climbing but you are looking for more thrills and a feeling of adventure on an advanced level path that gives you vertigo... Via Ferrata is for you.

Equipped with a harness and a helmet, you are connected to a steel cable ensuring your safety. You start by climbing a cliff with the help of well-anchored bars in the cliff, you find yourself on obstacle course setup to work on agility such as rope bridges, zip-lines, pendular trunks, suspension tunnels, hanging platforms... Expect the height sensation of being hundreds of meters above the ground! From the top of the course, you have a breathtaking view of the valley and the peaks around you.

Via ferrata "Les Demoiselles de Castagnet"

When you arrive at the foot of this via ferrata, you will be impressed by the beauty of its route.

"Les Demoiselles de Castagnet" owes its name to the three peaks located at 370 meters. Between these peaks, you will discover an impressive via ferrata that will leave you some unforgettable souvenirs.

Start by climbing the rungs one by one to rise into the air, hang on along the steel rope and progress in altitude to see all around, in a 360° view, the magnificent Var valley. Once at the top you will reach the different peaks through rope bridges and many adventure trail obstacles, then you will finally slide along a giant 70 meters Tyrolean rope.

This via ferrata does not require any advanced technique and can be done with teenagers above 12. However those prone to high fright (or vertigo) should refrain from challenging the "Les Demoiselles de Castagnet" via ferrata route.

Via ferrata "Les Demoiselles de Castagnet" is located on the edge of the Var, at Puget Théniers, near from the French Riviera and the cities of Cannes and Nice.