Rafting "Les Gorges du Daluis"

Called "Le Colorado Niçois", its nickname speaks for itself, "Les Gorges du Daluis" are a breathtaking scenery ! Let your eyes be fascinated by the massive red ocher cliffs.

In the middle of sheer cliffs, the Var river dug a deep canyon that can reach 200 meters depth. At the end of the winter, the melting snow creates a very sporty Rafting ride that will please sporty and experimented people.

Rafting "Les Gorges du Daluis", where numerous rapids are linked through narrow valleys and tight corners, is reserved for riders who have already received an introduction on a more accessible route in the Var River or the Verdon gorge.

"Les Gorges du Daluis" are at the northern part of the department of "Alpes Maritimes", near the National Park of Mercantour.

White water Rafting in the Verdon Gorge, Provence near (...)

White water Rafting in the Verdon Gorge, Provence near the French Riviera.

White water Rafting

Rafting is one of the best whitewater ativities, climb aboard this steady and safe boat and slide down the waved rivers, discover the beautiful Verdon gorge and Var valley with its splendid canyons.

Raft Session is organized to welcome everybody :