Entrevaux activities

At the boundary between the departments of the "Alpes Maritimes" and "Alpes de Haute Provence", the Vauban walled city of Entrevaux is one of the most beautiful in Provence.

Cross the drawbridge and penetrate the walls of the medieval village of Entrevaux. The maze of narrow streets takes you back centuries, like in the middle ages. Perched at the top of the cliff, you can see the citadel, overlooking the village of nearly 200 meters. The view from this architectural feat offers an exceptional panorama of the Var Valley and the "Haute Provence".

Entrevaux is ideally located. At the heart of "haute Provence", near magnificent places like les gorges de Daluisles grès d’Annotand the famous Verdon gorges.

Book an activity with us and enjoy beautiful landscapes that we will make you discover.

White water Rafting in the Verdon Gorge, Provence near (...)

White water Rafting in the Verdon Gorge, Provence near the French Riviera.

White water Rafting

Rafting is one of the best whitewater ativities, climb aboard this steady and safe boat and slide down the waved rivers, discover the beautiful Verdon gorge and Var valley with its splendid canyons.

Raft Session is organized to welcome everybody :

Airboat Canoe and kayak in the Verdon gorges and Var (...)

Airboat Canoe and kayak in the Verdon gorges and Var valley in Provence near the French riviera

Airboat Canoe and Kayak

Airboat Canoeing and Kayaking are the ideal way to discover rivers such as Verdon gorge and Var Valley.

Climb aboard these stable and safe boats, be mindful of the guide briefing detailing safety instructions and basic technics, then boat down the translucent waters of the Southern Alps rivers,

If you’ve already practiced on a lake, sea, calm river... whitewater is your next step!, an experimented guide will show you the way, avoiding unpleasant surprises like jam and capsize, prevent any danger and pass rapids the correct way to enjoy impressive waves of whitewater river.

Get a refreshing moment, live it up !