Canyoning "La Bollène"

You have already practiced canyoning and you are now looking for a more vertical and aquatic course.

"La Bollène" is an athletic cayon located in the hinterland of the French riviera near the city of Nice. This canyon has the nickname of « La Clue des Toboggans » which invokes many slides with the highest at 15 meters.

Canyoning through "La Bollène" can be practice from spring to automn depending on the hydrological conditions. You will discover a wild and very aquatic canyon, where you alternately cross mineral and green areas.

This fantastic canyon is located near the sources of "La Vésubie" in the heart of the Mercantour National Park in the department of Alpes Maritimes.

Canyoning Verdon, Alpes Maritimes, Provence, some best (...)

Canyoning Verdon, Alpes Maritimes, Provence, some best parts of southern France are only accessible by canyoning


Equipped with a combination and a harness, listen carefully to your guide and let yourself be carried away through basins, slides, jumps, abseiling... learn canyoning technics to progress in this wild and dizzy environment.

Around Castellane, Base Sport Nature offers many canyoning routes with various difficulties, for beginner, sporty or experimented people, we can offer you a canyoning activity matching with your skill :

Your children can also discover the practice of canyoning with our special family canyon offer.

As a bonus, discover one of our canyoning videos in Verdon gorge