Equipped with a combination and a harness, listen carefully to your guide and let yourself be carried away through basins, slides, jumps, abseiling... learn canyoning technics to progress in this wild and dizzy environment.

Around Castellane, Base Sport Nature offers many canyoning routes with various difficulties, for beginner, sporty or experimented people, we can offer you a canyoning activity matching with your skill :

Your children can also discover the practice of canyoning with our special family canyon offer.

As a bonus, discover one of our canyoning videos in Verdon gorge

Canyoning "Les Gorges du Loup"

Looking for a water activity in a natural environment close to the French Riviera, "Les Gorges du Loup" (wolf gorges) is the place to go.

Canyoning "Les gorges du loup" allow you to admire many natural cavities that time has polished, This canyon is dominated by impressive rocky escarpments and the gorges make the visitor discover a fabulous scenery, quiet nature, wild and soothing.

Located in the hinterland of the town of Cagnes-sur-Mer, not far from Nice and Cannes, this easy canyon will be ideal for you to discover the bases of the canyoning activities.

Watch our video for an overview of "Les gorges du loup"

Canyoning "Le haut Jabron"

Located between Grasse and Castellane, near Cannes and Antibes, "Le haut Jabron" is the nearest cannoning place from French Riviera.

Surrounded by some cliffs of tens meters , discover a very constricted environment, shaped by water erosion, slide over ramps, let yourself be carried away by the strong current, then jump in large basins and move foward to the next cascade.

Canyoning "Le Cramassouri"

You dream to discover the canyoning activity on an introductory course that is still sporty and playful, The canyon "Le Cramassouri" is for you.

This canyon located in the hinterland of French riviera, is a jewel, clear and fresh water will delight all fans of canyoning. Very complete, it offers the practice of many canyoning techniques : turns, jumps, slides, abseiling... in a stunning scenery.

Canyoning "Le Cramassouri" can be practice with teenagers above 12 years old.

This canyon is located in the valley of "La Tinée", in the heart of the Mercantour National Park in the north of the Alpes Maritimes department.

Canyoning "La Bollène"

You have already practiced canyoning and you are now looking for a more vertical and aquatic course.

"La Bollène" is an athletic cayon located in the hinterland of the French riviera near the city of Nice. This canyon has the nickname of « La Clue des Toboggans » which invokes many slides with the highest at 15 meters.

Canyoning through "La Bollène" can be practice from spring to automn depending on the hydrological conditions. You will discover a wild and very aquatic canyon, where you alternately cross mineral and green areas.

This fantastic canyon is located near the sources of "La Vésubie" in the heart of the Mercantour National Park in the department of Alpes Maritimes.

Canyoning "Le Saint-Auban"

Want to explore canyons, try the experience of canyoning in "Le Saint-Auban"

"Le Saint-Auban" is a great canyon for initiation, you will progress through clear water, with slides, jumps, abseiling and even with a long Tyrolean rope.

Some technical passages will make you progress through the different canyoning technics.

Located between Castellane and Entrevaux, in the massif of Estéron, near the French riviera and the cities of Cannes and Nice.

Discover "Le Saint-Auban" in video

Canyoning "Le Riolan"

Want to challenge youself, to feel the adrenaline rush ?

Whitewater activities in "Le Riolan" is the reference on the French Riviera. Surrounded by stunning white limestones, this canyon is one of the most beautiful.

Canyoning "Le Riolan" is reserved for athletes with a good physical condition and with experience in canyoning. During half a day, you will slide, jump, abseil over tens meters. Enjoy the scene with some cliffs measuring more than 300 meters.

Canyon "Le Riolan" is located in the Préalpes d’Azur Regional Natural Park, on the mountains of Estéron near the French riviera and the cities of Cannes and Nice.

Base Sport Nature also offer easiest canyoning ride in the Var valley and the Verdon canyon.

Canyoning for sporty people

Want to surpass yourself, have intense physical effort, challenge the wild cayons ?

The South of France and the Southern Alps contain lots of incredible and challenging canyons, with large abseiling, very high jumps and long slides. Rockéo with their experimented guides can offer you a canyoning experience that you will never forget.

Rockéo have a real passion for outdoor sports and wants to share the best with you.